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Switch in luxurious exclusivity by Edelvion

EDELVION® puts light switches in the scene with classy touchless design

The creation of artificial light sources has revolutionized our everyday. For us it is completely normal to use a light switch to brighten our surroundings. Lights and switches have continuously developed further so that in the meantime we can go back to comfortable luxury with regards to use and optics. The select light switches from EDELVION® unite exactly these points and are true eye-catchers thanks to their classy design.

Touchless light switch









Elegant light switches with sensor-touch for distinct bright spots

The days of conservative knobs and yellowed hard-to-clean light switch covers are over. EDELVION® offers you light switches with Sensor-Touch technology and 220-volt electronics that makes it possible for you to turn lights on and off or even dim them. A wave of the hand in the area of the sensor completely suffices and makes touching the switch superfluous. Such equipment does not only serve your comfort extremely well, but also makes keeping light switches hygienic and very easy.

We prepare every product with precious metals completely by hand for you. Metals are enduring construction materials and are easy to dust.

As regards material selection and the optic design, you have a free choice so you can have your light switches fit the design of your rooms or set a classy accent with them.

Here are some examples of popular versions of our handcrafted light switches with sensors:

  • Switch with polished or brushed surfaces
  • Bicolor Bicolor models or bronze with patina
  • Single layer or multilayer designs
  • Round, oval, or hexagonal shapes

As basic material we use brass, bronze and stainless steel, which can be gilded or rhodium plated. Share your personal design wishes with us!

Switch in luxurious exclusivity of EDELVION®

Light switches are to be found in every room – often with less attractive optics. The classy design with precious metals instead makes our touchless switches absolute eye-catchers. The individually customizable designs and the hand finishing lend each model the status of unique. Perfect your light switches with the application of select precious stones which we will expertly inlay to your specifications.

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