Handmade from fine materials

Intricate inlaid and mosaics with precious metals

EDELVION® Creates Extravagant Borders and Ornaments

The fantastic origin story of decorative embellishments with borders and ornaments stretches back into antiquity. Even then people beautified their surroundings or possessions with a decorative arrangement – also to give them their own stamp. Whereas the materials used in earlier times were in part still very simple, numerous valuable materials are available to us today. The exquisite borders and ornaments from EDELVION ®  engender an extravagant flair with their exclusivity.



Handcrafted Borders from EDELVION ® of Precious Materials

Precious metals and stones form the foundation of our borders. Every finished accessory includes this uniqueness from the pure handcraft and the individual design. The selection of the inlaid materials knows no limits and we also fit the elaborated forms exactly to your desired imaginings. Whether gilded, silvered, rhodium-plated, high-gloss or engraved: the attainable variety of our collections offer you arrangements with an exquisite note for every area.

Here you will find several exemplary inspirations of the styling of borders which can be arranged with one or more layers:

  • Lozenge forms for graphic highlights,
  • Quadratic forms for balanced designs,
  • Half-rounded edging for especially 3-D effects,
  • Trapeze forms and bevelled rectangles as edging.

Of course, other ornamental or object designs are equally possible. On request we embellish the lace we produce with select precious stones which we place with skill and taste.

Come to us with your personal design concepts!

Attractive Inlays and Mosaics with Precious Metals

Borders are accessories for rooms as well as outdoors and also serve to trim edges and skirting. Similarly, wall-hugging inlays can elevate themselves from the background decoratively.

Mosaics of individual precious metal ornaments are also greeted with ever-growing popularity. Walls, decks and floors receive precisely set accents which emphasize the distinct character of their complete individuality. Borders lend even columns and balconies a totally special charm.

Would you like a stylish arrangement with exclusive borders and /or ornaments for your surroundings?

EDELVION ® is fully dedicated at your side for all wishes, including installation.