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Fascination of precious metals and precious stones

Precious metals and stones in premium workmanship at EDELVION®

People have been subject to the fascination that emanates from precious metals and stones for millennia. Even in antiquity, they shaped precious materials with craftsmanship into magnificent decorative pieces and ritual objects. The more refined processing methods of today open new ways to us to create even more artistic forms. Still, ancient craft retains an art which demands great respect. The creations from EDELVION® unite this original power of attraction with the precise methods of modern craftsmanship. In this way unique designs arise with a magic no one can brush aside.

In the thrall of gold and silver

All of our accessories are elaborately and professionally worked in precise, careful handicraft. No limits are set on the design wishes of our customers.
Gold and silver are among the most favorite precious metals in jewellery design. However, other metals – such as brass, bronze or stainless steel – are also highly valued as they lend themselves to be used as foundational materials. A gold bar in the form of an exclusive gift is usually made of gilded brass.

For the gilding of brass pieces we use 24-karat gold. The gold layers we use are usually 5 ym on a scale from 0.1 to 5.0 ym. This high level of refinement in the gold guarantees you resistance to tarnish and an absolute quality product. In silvering, we work with a layer thickness of 10 ym, which also makes for lasting high-class workmanship.

You have a free selection in the surface treatments in order to allow your stylish accessories to match your characteristic living space – for example:

– High-gloss polish for sparkling moments,
– Matte surfaces for a dignified ambience,
– Brushed designs for that extra special honing,
– Refined designs with rhodium for a scratch-proof brilliant lustre,
– Engravings for that special something.

EDELVION® makes precious and exclusive design possible, which can be installed in all areas: on land, water and in the air.

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Precious stones as exclusive companion

Precious stones improve nearly every appearance since they effuse esprit, elegance and noblesse.
Artfully created decorative pieces receive a luxurious touch through the application of fascinating stones. For this reason, we gladly integrate them into our unique creations. Diamond chips and zirconium are often applied in the layout of our accessories. For your individually desired design, the selection of precious stones is unlimited.

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Contact us to make your wishes come true. The team at EDELVION® is at your disposal at home and abroad with their creativity and dedication!

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