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Bland monotonous designs in otherwise beautifully created spaces or outdoor facilities do not make good representative signboards.
Even the ambience of public facilities such as hotels or restaurants live from the brilliance of an exclusive design.
For this special something, EDELVION® is there with its handcrafted accessories which can be installed indoors and out.


for Exquisite
and Unique Design

Precious Metals and Stones
Expertly and Elegantly Applied

Tasteful accents with precious materials increase the noble character of a beautifully designed area. That is why we use premium precious metals and stones which we carefully finish and design to your desire in the manufacture of our accessories.

Our inlays are stainless and weather-proof, and can even be installed without a second thought in pool facilities or yacht construction.

Our creations are especially popular with these decorative elements:

  • Borders for elegant trimming or skirting,
  • Sensor light switches for a luxurious touch,
  • Exclusive giveaways, such as key chains that make a classy impression,
  • Emblems, logos and symbols as distinct eye-catchers.

All accessories and inlays from the Edelvion® collections are made with pure loving handcraft. The result of this craftsmanship creates genuinely unique pieces which can be justifiably designated as truly one-of-a-kind works of art. But that is not all …

Our collections should also serve you as inspiration for a design completely your own, since we gladly make your special wishes come true. This ranges from the proposals, through expert consulting to the individual production and installation of our desired accessories.

All of our handcrafted decorations and inlays can also be integrated into tile, marble and granite as well as stone or wood.

Find out more on our website and get inspiration for your individual designs.

Quality made in Germany


Made in Germany

Each piece is unique

Contact us to make your wishes come true. The team at EDELVION® is at your disposal at home and abroad with their creativity and dedication!

Carl-Philipp Hering

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